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Treat yourself to a lot of pleasure in the form of a Women’s Boudoir Photo Session. Watch my portfolio of boudoir sessions, follow the news on my facebook page and when you are ready or “the moment” comes, write to me and make an appointment with me for a photo session! Women decide on a photo shoot for a variety of reasons:

  • to make yourself happy
  • to capture a specific moment in life on professional photography
  • to make a gift to your beloved or just
  • to try something new! 🙂

Ordinary women come to me for a session: your friends, ladies you associate with friends’ parties, fiancées, wives, mothers, just women. All that can be seen in the photos – delicacy or “claw”, smile, thoughtfulness, subtlety, true joy, happiness is femininity often hidden under the cloak of everyday life. Thanks to my experience in women’s photography, during the photo session we discover your true beauty.

We start preparations for the session from our first conversation, from determining the details of what is to be in the suitcase. During the photo session, I take care of a very pleasant atmosphere so that you feel good. Thanks to this, “the photos take themselves” 😉 During the session, I pose, I arrange you so as to show in the photo what you love the most and I hide what you would like to hide. We start the session with portrait, feminine, sensual shots, in a dress, jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, knee-highs, sports shoes or high heels… In boudoir photos, all kinds of satin petticoats, lace, stockings, garter belts, corsets and other graceful or sexy knick-knacks ❤ It may as well be men’s T-shirts, men’s shirt and shorts with a tie or vintage clothes and underwear. The style of the session is up to you! I am open to all your ideas that you would like to implement during the session. We always have a great time because that’s what it’s all about! When preparing for the session, I always encourage you: open your wardrobe, your sister’s or your friend’s and go shopping – there is a unique opportunity!! 😉

I also offer less private and more formal and business Business Portraits (business owners, CEOs, company managers, experts, specialists, trainers, coaches, psychologists …). The offer of Business and Image Sessions is available here.

Photography of women is my passion, which is why I have several different photo packages in my offer prepared especially for you, Ladies. Photos from private sessions: portrait, sensual, boudoir are perfect for a gift for yourself, for a loved one, to hang in a frame on the wall in the bedroom, to show off to a friend and to improve your mood whenever you need it. If any of your friends have already had a session with me, the photos from this session and the joy after receiving them are always the best recommendation for me. I cordially invite you to listen!

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